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Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter

Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter
Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter Gallon Fuel Dispenser 10 Liter
Brand: Gilimoto
Product Code: galao-abastecimento-10-litros-009
Availability: In Stock
Price: R$ 117.00
Ex Tax: R$ 117.00
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Capacity: 10 liters.

Use: Kart, Jet Ski, Auto Moto, etc ... This product is designed only to transport the fuel from the fuel station to the competition.

Equipped with hose and vent valve. Colors: White and Orange.

Risks in fuel storage:

It is forbidden to store fuel, due to high power combustion and even explosion hazard.

Liquid fuels are unstable and its molecules are active even when standing still, so if you store it, you run the risk of damage to your property or third parties and especially their health and other people or animals.

This vessel was designed only for the transport of fuel to put sports competition, the fuel is left after the competition must be returned to the point, because this property is to eliminate this waste without damaging the environment.

The thermoplastic of the container is prepared exclusively for transport. If the fuel remains in plastic containers for a period exceeding the transport container can cause damage to, making it permeable, and causing the reference scale become unsuitable for use as a measure.


Height 33cm

15 cm width

depth 13 cm

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